Thursday, 8 September 2011

With regard to regard(s)

Increasingly I’m hearing, and seeing, the word regards incorrectly used where it should be regard.

The word regards, with an s, is correct in the following contexts:

1. As an alternative to greetings or best wishes; e.g. "With kind regards" (or simply "Regards") at the end of a letter, or "Please give my regards to …".

2. In the phrase "as regards", e.g. in "As regards the matter we spoke about …" (i.e. where the phrase is used as a synonym for concerning).

It is never correct to say or write "With regards to" as a synonym for concerning. The only correct form is With regard to, without the s, e.g. in "With regard to the meeting we spoke about …"; "With regard to the issuing of permits …".

Other options are in regard to, having regard to (again, no s) and regarding.

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